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appointment of receiver upon petition of unit owner




YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the undersigned owner of a condominium unit in (name of condominium) intends to file a petition in the circuit court for appointment of a receiver to manage the affairs of the association on the grounds that the association has failed to fill vacancies on the board of administration sufficient to constitute a quorum. This petition will not be filed if the vacancies are filled within 30 days after the date on which this notice was sent or posted, whichever is later. If a receiver is appointed, the receiver shall have all of the powers of the board and shall be entitled to receive a salary and reimbursement of all costs and attorney’s fees payable from association funds.

(name and address of petitioning unit owner)

(2) The notice required by subsection (1) must be provided by the unit owner to the association by certified mail or personal delivery, must be posted in a conspicuous place on the condominium property, and must be provided by the unit owner to every other unit owner of the association by certified mail or personal delivery. The notice must be posted and mailed or delivered at least 30 days prior to the filing of a petition seeking receivership. Notice by mail to a unit owner shall be sent to the address used by the county property appraiser for notice to the unit owner, except that where a unit owner’s address is not publicly available the notice shall be mailed to the unit.

(3) If the association fails to fill the vacancies within 30 days after the notice required by subsection (1) is posted and mailed or delivered, the unit owner may proceed with the petition.

(4) If a receiver is appointed, all unit owners shall be given written notice of such appointment as provided in s. 718.127.

(5) The association shall be responsible for the salary of the receiver, court costs, and attorney’s fees. The receiver shall have all powers and duties of a duly constituted board of administration and shall serve until the association fills vacancies on the board sufficient to constitute a quorum and the court relieves the receiver of the appointment.


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