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Association Funds

(a) All association funds held by a developer shall be maintained separately in the association’s name. Reserve and operating funds of the association shall not be commingled prior to turnover except the association may jointly invest reserve funds; however, such jointly invested funds must be accounted for separately.

(b) No developer in control of a homeowners’ association shall commingle any association funds with his or her funds or with the funds of any other homeowners’ association or community association.

(c) Association funds may not be used by a developer to defend a civil or criminal action, administrative proceeding, or arbitration proceeding that has been filed against the developer or directors appointed to the association board by the developer, even when the subject of the action or proceeding concerns the operation of the developer-controlled association.

(9) APPLICABILITY.—Sections 617.1601-617.1604 do not apply to a homeowners’ association in which the members have the inspection and copying rights set forth in this section.

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