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What is a Change Order?

Construction Change Orders are used for altering a construction contract. This contract documents that both parties agreed to the change and understand how it changed the original agreement.

Use the Change Order document if:

  • You need to add a change to a construction contract.

  • You need to alter the deadline of a construction contract.

  • You need to change quoted prices for supplies or labor supplies.

Our Construction Change Order Forms are simple to use to make a changes to your construction contracts. They can be used between a contractor and a client or between a contractor and subcontractors.

Other names for Change Orders:

Change Order Form, Engineering Change Order, Construction Change Order Form

Making a Change Order

While carrying out the actual work a Change Order requires may be stressful, making a Change Order document is rather simple. A few sums will need to be configured to fill out the form, including:

  • Increase amount. This is how much will be added to the original contract total.

  • Increase in hours. You'll need to estimate the number of billable hours that will be added to the contract to complete the change.

  • Completion date. The new date that work is expected to be completed.

You can attach additional documents or drawings if needed. The contract will need to be signed by both parties to be binding.

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