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Home Owners Association

Quoted from 

Florida Statute 720

Agreements entered by the Association

Annual Meeting

Architectural Control Covenants

Assessment and Charges

Association Emergency Powers

Association Funds

Associations Power and Duties

Board Meetings


Covenant Revitalization

Declaration of Covenant

Disclosures prior to sale of Residential Parcels

Dispute Resolution

Elections and Board Vacancies

Estoppel Certificates

Financial Report

Meeting of members


Notice of Meetings

Obligation of Members

Officers and Directors

Official Records

Passage of Special Assessments

Proxy Voting

Publication of false and misleading information

Recall of Directors

Receivership Notification

Recreation Leasehold

Right to Speak

Special Meetings

Windstorm Insurance

Hot Topics


Quoted from

Florida Statute 718

Alternative dispute resolution

Amendment of declaration

Appointment of receiver upon petition of unit owner


assessment of timeshare estates.

Assessments; liability

Association emergency powers

Association powers

Attorney’s fees


Cable television service

Certain regulations not to be retroactively applied


Common elements

Common expenses and common surplus.

Condominium parcels

Condominiums as residential property

Correction of error or omission in declaration by circuit court

Creation of condominium

Display of flag

Display of religious decorations

Electronic voting

Equitable relief

Failure to fill vacancies on board of administration sufficient to constitute a quorum

Federal Condominium and Cooperative Abuse Relief Act of 1980; applicability

Hurricane shutters and protection


Legal description of condominium parcels

Legislative findings

Lien and priority;


Limitation of liability.

Limitation on actions by association

Limitation upon improvement


Mandatory nonbinding arbitration

Possession and enjoyment

Prohibition against SLAPP suits.

Rebuttable presumption

Receivership notification

Recording of declaration

Resident’s right to access without extra charge

Restraint upon separation and partition of common elements

Right of owners to peaceably assemble

Separate taxation of condominium parcels

Survival of declaration after tax sale

Termination of condominium.

The association

Unconscionability of certain leases

voluntary mediation 

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