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Did you sign a contract?

We encourage you to start your renovation pursuit in writing.

The clauses of the contract will be the guidelines and provide guardrails for how the journey is navigated. As they say in legal circles: "If its not in writing its difficult to enforce". As many conversations will take place between you and the contractor, you should only rely on what is agreed in IN WRITING .

If during the journey there are some changes to be made it must be done using aCHANGE ORDER

do not ask for changes verbally and expect the contractor to remember and do not assume that he or she knows exactly what you mean. Just like the Contract, the Change Order needs to be signed by both parties.

While the technicians are performing work on your home, we also discouraging you from engaging them in conversation and micromanaging them; that only serves to slow them down and create breaches to the contract. Finally do not circumvent the contractor by using the technicians to do other jobs for you.

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